Friday, August 2, 2013

Last sUCCulent show!

This week was the 34th and last sUCCulent show, tear! :'(
I've been involved in loads of societies throughout my four years in UCC but Cork Campus Radio was definitely the most challenging, and rewarding! I never thought this time last year that I would have had thirty-four broadcasts! You can find them all here on the blog by searching 'podcast'.

I hope you enjoyed listening even half as much as I enjoyed doing them! To hear the last show, which includes a round-up of my favourite blogs, recipes, music and a discussion on Celebrity Master Chef Ireland click here!

Thanks so much to all of my guests throughout the year, my family for giving me some inspiration, Cork Campus Radio staff and volunteers, and of course everyone who tuned in! Especially Claire who yesterday tweeted this...

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Enjoy the bank holiday weekend I'll be back next week with some tasty recipes!

Stay sweet! x

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