Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thin Mints

If you thought the Week of Cookies had already peaked with homemade Oreos, take a look at these beauts!

I was always mystified by these American Girl Scout cookies so I took the plunge and baked some up! Think of an After Eight mint, in cookie form. *salivates* These are decadent, and reminiscent of the After Eight Cupcakes I featured here for St. Patrick's Day!
The best part is these are made with cookies, left over from yesterday's post sans buttercream. 

I got this chocolate in ALDI for 89c if I remember correctly? It's fab! Great for melting down, tastes amazing and not overtly bitter like some high cocoa chocolate!

Some recipes advised using a fork to dip the cookies into chocolate (by resting on the fork like rice, not spearing the cookies) but I found it easier to dip one cookie in, slather it up and rub off the excess chocolate onto another cookie! Messy and yummy! Definitely fun to do with kids!

All you need is... 
Single homemade Oreo cookies *without buttercream*
1 bar of 74% cocoa solids chocolate
Peppermint essence

  1. Melt chocolate in short bursts in the microwave, stirring often (or over a double boiler if you prefer).
  2. Add in 1/4tsp peppermint essence, stir, taste.
  3. Add in more peppermint if you wish. *Be careful!! This is deceivingly potent!*
  4. Dip in your cookies, covering with chocolate on both sides and allow to dry on wax paper.
  5. Enjoy!

So, that's the end of the Week of Cookies here on Milis! I can't wait to do something similar next year! Again, if you missed any posts you can find the link below.
Which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments box! :) 

Stay sweet! x


  1. Oh my good God these look absolutely amazing! I am making these at the weekend!!!!! :D

  2. They are INSANE! Everyone loved them! :)

  3. Love these!! They turned out so well! I was making homemade marshmallow (great thing about momma getting a kitchen aid) a while back and dipping it into chocolate and OMG- it was way more difficult than it sounds! The sugar from the marshmallow just seemed to thicken into the chocolate after just afew dips and hardened!! Nightmare!

    My next cooking ambition are chocolate teacakes from the great British bake off..you should make these for your next post

    1. Awh thanks Louise! Just found a fab recipe for mallow cups.... I'm thinking my love of chocolate and marshmallow might trump biscuit on this one! ;)