Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Year Blogoversary... A Week of Cookies!

First off, a big apology for slacking on the blog front!! This has genuinely been one of the busiest Augusts ever for me- days in Dublin, leader at a camp in Limerick, the flu, GAA matches, and a little bit of thesis writing. Just some fifteen hour days at the laptop, running on three hours sleep thesis writing!! I've been so busy that my one year blogoversary completely passed me by! I felt so cheated that I missed it!

To celebrate, I wanted to give you a week's worth of cookies... But every Monday has been crazy (I'm being a little OCD here!) So, from today until Sunday stay tuned for everything you could dream of in the world of cookies!! :)

As it is the big one-year, I felt so overwhelmed!! I've come so far from the sweet little Banana Crumb Muffins I first blogged about! Blogging was so new and challenging to me last year I never imagined I could have kept it up! I've published seventy-nine posts, thirty-four podcasts, and who knows how many photos! Milis has really encouraged me to push my boundaries and try experimenting with my baking. I've come to love baking so much more and developed so many skills, just from blogging and reading other peoples' blogs- check out my favourite blogs on the left hand side or my reading list in the 'About me' tab! 

Thank you so much for reading Milis and listening to sUCCulent! 

Your comments, subscriptions and Facebook likes mean so much to me and give me so much satisfaction!

Without further ado, it's cookie time!!


Here is an amazing guide I found recently that shows how ingredients and techniques affect the outcome of your cookies! 

Other top tips I've accumulated through the blogosphere...

  • Jenny Flake suggests using Jell-O pudding in cookies
  • Averie Sunshine chills her cookie dough to prevent spreading in the oven
  • Amanda Green Bottoms uses box mixes to create fudgey cookies
  • While Maria Lichty adds cornflour to produce soft-batch bakery style cookies
  • My top tip? Don't overbake your cookies! They should be only pale on the outside and soft in the middle, as they will harden up when cooling.

If you missed it back in May, check out the National Cookie Day post and podcast on the history of the chocolate chip cookie and the story of Ruth Wakefield- including the original Tollhouse recipe!

Short on ingredients traditionally used in cookies? Check out my 3 Ingredient Nutella Cookies (feel free to omit the white chocolate buttons!)

Or if you're looking for a sugar rush try these White Chocolate Snickerdoodles!

These super sugary Chocolate Chip Cookies have a huge yield and taste better the longer the dough is chilled!

Or everybody's favourite cookie...

If you have yet to bake my delectable Nutella Pillow Cookies, make your Wednesday amazing and pop these babies in the oven!

Come back tomorrow for a brand new cookie recipe to continue the one-year blogoversary celebrations! :)

Stay sweet! x


  1. It's a very delightful recipe.I love Chocolate Chip Cookies.It's mine favorite cookies.

  2. Thanks so much Alex! Yes, mine too! Although I also love my oat-rolled cookies too! :)