Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas Gifts 2013

I'm a little late with this post but still so excited to use all of the fab gifts I received this Christmas!

My mum brought home the Martha Stewart Silpat that bloggers rave about from her trip to Boston! As well as my favourite chocolate chips- Ghiardelli! I was overjoyed when I saw the Bittersweet variety because, as every Irish baker knows, you can't buy these here!

Here's a mixed lot... A cake pop baking pan with recipes&sticks (I know, not the original cake pop method coined by Angie of Bakerella, but definitely looking forward to trying it!) 
Beneath that is a desk calendar that features a different cupcake recipe every day (I'm not sure how advisable this is for anyone looking to diet... Ha!)
The last Boston present is a set of icing tips which will undoubtedly come in handy during 2014! 
For my birthday my oldest bestie, Ali, gave me this amazing cake stand which has me all a flutter!

Here are the books Santa and co. brought!
I love the Australian Women's Weekly Decorating Cakes book- full of pastel fondant creations, it's drool-inducing! 
Santa also brought Nevin Maguire's latest publication- the savoury pages look just as good as the sweet! 
While Sarah gave me every chocolate lover's dream book from Next.

Although my boyfriend got me dozens of edible goodies (thanks James!), my aunt gave me these unusual gifts! On the right is a set with white, milk and dark hot chocolate mixes- perfect to ward off January blues!
While on the left is a chocolate block flavoured with a cinnamon crunch... I'm thinking of using the latter to enhance some baked goods but still haven't decided what to do with it! Any suggestions are welcome!

Did you get any baking products for Christmas? Let me know in the comments box below!

Stay sweet! x