Monday, May 20, 2013

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (May 15th) & Eurovision

Chocolate chip cookies, an absolute classic dessert! I'll be honest, I'm not fussy when it comes to these- I'll eat a store-brand just as quick as a fancy artisan cookie. You really can't beat a good one though! That's what Andrew Nestlè thought when he discovered Ruth Wakefield's recipe... Listen here to find out more ;)

These Nutella-stuffed chocolate chip cookies were incredible, the recipe is coming up in the next post!

Feeling Eurovision Fever? Tune in to hear how you can have your own Eurovision party and tell me what you think of the acts!

Update: I was really surprised by Denmark's win! I didn't hear it prior to the announcement, but I loved it!! Also, so glad Ukraine were up there- I could get a job on the X-Factor yet ;) Hard luck for dear old Ireland... Maybe next year...? 

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