Monday, May 13, 2013

My Favourite Blogs

I didn't begin blogging of my own accord- no way! I would never be this creative! The best thing about blogs I feel is when bloggers link each other, if it wasn't for shared recipes or experiences I never would have came across half of these blogs.

My first ever favourite blogger was Emily Schuman of! I loved her style, home decor, DIY projects and of course the recipes!! This led to me searching for culinary blogs, but you'll soon see they are few and far between! Many morph into lifestyle blogs (still addictive, don't worry!)

Angie of Bakerella, the creator of cake pops, has an adorable blog. It's candy coloured, with a hint of humour, more than anything else she showcases her talent- what an artist! Her treats are miniature, and oh-so adorable!

Angie led me to Jenny Flake of Picky Palate. This is one of my daily checks, yum yum! Jenny's recipes are a mix of sweet and savoury, and her cookies are always over-the-top delicious!

I was then directed to Two Peas and Their Pod, which has the most amazing recipes!! You may have already seen the cinnamon banana bread I posted here earlier... If not, get those bananas peeled, you're gonna wanna make 'em straight away!! I love how their recipes are connected- you know what's in Josh and  Maria's fridge because the ingredients feature in two or three successive recipes.

Kevin and Amanda have a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on sweets which I love! Definitely worth checking out!

Ree Drummond of the The Pioneer Woman has an overwhelming blog- seriously she is Superwoman! I focus mostly on the recipes, but also love the decor and nature shots particularly of the wild mustangs. She also writes childrens books- makes you feel pretty insignificant huh? But it's really not intimidating as her posts are hilarious and self-indulgent minus the guilt, love love love. Definitely a go-to!

My newest find has been; love how she stacks up similar recipes on the one post (kinda like an inspiration board!) but also her directions are so honest and genuine "no need to measure, just eyeball it up!" Love her recipes and can't wait to share them with you! :)

Also Sweetapolita is an awe-inducing site which will have you yearning to own a bakery! A macaron-topped lemon blueberry cake? Whatever next!

Love Sweetopia, a home economics teacher turned sugar cookie extraordinaire! Marian's post have the air of a teacher- kind, patient and encouraging which is a good thing since her inspirational cookies (yes you read that right, click over now if you don't believe me!) will have you itching to try out something new!

If you're looking for good tips on sugar cookies, Anna from The Sweetest Tiers, gives great advice on her Facebook page.

So that's my round up of my favourite blogs! They really have spurred me on to making Milis the best I possibly can! :)

What are your favourite blogs? Or do you have your own? Let me know below in the comments box!

Until then, stay sweet! x


  1. You should join the IFBA - There are loads of great Irish food and baking blogs, you don't have any on your list?

  2. Hi Amee,
    Thanks so much for this great tip! I just saw your comment and signed up to IFBA immediately! I also signed up to FoodFight, and BlogHer. I can't wait to explore more Irish foodie blogs! :) Your's looks fab! *subscribes*!