Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sweet Christmas Treats

I was spoilt this Christmas (that's not to say I'm deprived every other year!)

Some gifts came in delicious paper... Others looked yummy... Others tasted yummy!! :) While some inspired me to make something yummy...

The cutest cupcake giftwrap with from left-right:
100 piece cake decorating set; cupcake mug with vanilla and strawberry candies; Cake Boss book by Buddy Valastro; set of 4 Christmas cupcake stencils; Recipies from my Kitchen by Gwyneth Paltrow ; cupcake plunger; santa/elf shaped cookie cutter.

I've already gone through the two books- eager, I know!! I loved Cake Boss book, as you know I'm a huge fan of the show! This book is half biography/half recipes which is great for a super fan like me!! :) I loved the way Buddy has adapted the "oldschool" Italian recipes for cannolis and other pastries so that you can get the same results in a domestic kitchen! I cannot wait to try these out!!

I think my sister may have been nudging me toward a healthier lifestyle with Gwyneth Paltrow's book! After reading, I'll definitely become a GOOP! follower. It's healthy but delicious contents have me dashing to the kitchen, although most of the food is savoury (clearly not sweet enough!) I love the look of the brunch recipes.

The cupcake mug is so adorable, if you ever see it, BUY IT!! :)

The decorating set comes in a handy tool-box like container, complete with piping bags! I love how comprehensive the set is, and also the neat presentation. If there were more instructions it would be better but trial and error (and hours on the web!) are much more fun! :)

I was crazy to make Christmas cookies, but didn't get these gifts until Christmas day- look out Christmas 2013! ;) The cookie cutter is fab, with a durable silicon handle so I know it'll last! Meanwhile the stencils (candy cane, snowman, holly, and snowflake!) have an easy-to-use handle so you can hold the stencil a little higher, the thick lip also allows this. I can't wait to use it with shimmer sugar, icing sugar and cocoa for decoration!!

I'm so excited about the cupcake plunger! An avid Cupcake Wars fan, I've been fascinated as to how they perfect filling their cupcakes! Ponder no more with this great little gadget. I'm thinking jam, chocolate filling, lemon meringue cupcakes maybe...? The possibilities are endless!

I hope Santa brought you some sweet treats!
Stay sweet! x

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