Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year, New Way of Living!

Today's radio show departed from my usual love of all things sweet and sUCCulent! Considering it's a new year, and while being inundated with diet tips and regimes on tv (which I am not a fan of!!) I am aware that I need a boost. I can feel my energy slacking, have serious sugar cravings and didn't really know what to do about it! So, to beat the lethargy that I bet some of you may be feeling too, I set about researching fun means of getting healthier without sacrificing anything!

I ran a little over time on the show so didn't get to mention a few things!...
  • Don't forget about veg! Nothing beats carrot sticks for a healthy snack, but be inventive!
  • Instead of having chips or fries with your dinner try thinly slicing sweet potato, rubbing with olive oil and baking for 20 mins! So delicious!!
  • When baking, make room for some lighter varieties of ingredients! Philadelphia light is a great alternative for desserts, especially cheesecakes. 
  • Greek yoghurt with some oat cookies and fruit would be a fab pick-me-up dessert at the end of a long day too!
  • Banana sliced on toast is one of the most delicious snacks and is a great alternative to cookies!
  • Don't disregard Nutella, or hazlenut spread on toast as it's a great way to kick cocoa cravings to the kerb!

I'd love to hear some of your suggestions for healthier alternatives to your favourite foods! 
I think the main thing is not to overly focus on the dreaded d word, and make fun changes to everyday! Don't berate yourself for not going to the gym, but go for a brisk walk after dinner instead. Choose a healthier snack over something more indulgent and you'll feel the better for it. :)

Below you will find the recipe for perfect...

Banana Crumb Muffins 
Granola Bars

Stay sweet! x

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