Thursday, September 19, 2013

Scottish Haul

You may have seen my post on Biscoff or Lotus Spread a while back? In my excitement to feature the glorious spread I failed to mention all of the other goodies my family brought back from Scotland. I've been so busy with my Master's thesis I haven't had a chance to test many of these out but I'll update this when I have a proper review for you all.

In an attempt to lessen the damage to our health, they picked up Natural Red Food Colouring. In my book, anything that can make baking a little easier on the body is a good thing! Find this in Morrison's. 

I love these pastel icing pens. I've used my primary coloured Dr. Oetker ones to death, as you probably realised here and here! There's a beautiful pale pink shade that's so unusual and would be great for a princess themed event. Again, find these in Morrison's.

Sainsbury's loaf liners are a god-send! Instead of greasing a tin or fiddling with baking parchment snipping the corners so it will sink into a loaf tin, whip out one of these bad boys! Exactly like a cupcake liner they are perfect for all loaves... In particular banana bread.

"Cake Angels" sprinkles is a fab pack. Not only are there chocolate jimmies and chocolate-flavoured sprinkles the pack also contains milk chocolate and white chocolate chips. The latter of which are impossible to source in Ireland! As you probably figured when I substituted them here. These ones are from Morrison's but check out the Sainsbury's selection!

Paterson's Shortbread wasn't used for any fancy recipe... My apologies! Thesis stress meant it could only be used for one purpose- comfort food. Shortbread is one of my all-time favourite biscuits and I'm too intimidated to attempt to make it myself... Mostly because my thighs will explode if I find a great recipe! ;) This brand was delicious but not as good as my favourite airplane cookie- Campbell's Shortbread.

Have you found any great products abroad that you wish you could find at home? Let me know in the comments box below!

Stay sweet! x

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