Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jamie Oliver's Brownies

I absolutely love love love brownies!! They're the best snack imaginable- half cake, half fudge, all chocolate, mmmmmmmmmmm.....

Anyways, I had made these brownies years ago and only again quite recently. I intend on testing out some brownie recipes in the coming weeks because my family were horrified at the amount of butter that went into these. 250g doesn't sound like a lot, but I assure you, if anybody has high cholesterol, evacuate them!!

These were uber gooey, dense and utterly more-ish. They really were a hit, with everyone- even the butter-phobes took second and third helpings.

Definitely a treat for a  special occasion, what do you think? Do you have your own favourite brownie recipe? Or will you be trying out Jamie Oliver's Brownies for yourself?

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Stay sweet x

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