Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Exams are coming....

Thankfully, I don't have any end of year exams for my Masters. *breathes sigh of relief* I always preferred essays to exams- mainly because my bad habit of leaving things to the last minute could be combatted by an all-nighter and good WiFi!! Unfortunately exams brought panicked mindmaps, post-its and coffee which just didn't keep me going! (I actually fell asleep for a few minutes during my last three-hour exam in first year college!)

So for all of you battling the study month blues here are some ideas for study-fuel food and also, comfort eating after a long day in the library!!

I also love College Candy's stress-busting guide! Number ten is always a winner, especially if you play B.O.B. ft. Rivers Cuomo, 'Magic'. Absolutely epic! So motivating!

More ideas:

  • I love having a big bowl of fruit salad after going swimming/for a run, it'll make you feel really healthy and set you up for a good day's study!
  • If you do sleep in, it's inevitable over the course of the month! Don't berate yourself, get up, shower, make an indulgent brunch- pancakes, or French toast! Or take an hour to bake muffins/granola that you can use for the week. Relax, and then tear into the revision!
  • Buy coloured paper, and pens and make notes using imagery and mindmaps, this is a tried-and-tested method for people with dyslexia and I think it's great!
  • Don't highlight an entire book, just buzzwords.
  • Start revising by writing everything you know out on a page. Then reduce your notes to just sentences that lead to paragraphs, keep going reducing it down to buzzwords. 
  • Have a sheet full of quotations (especially if you study English/History!) that you can cram into your head just before entering the exam hall!
  • Get into a good sleeping pattern early on in the study month.
  • Start studying early, that way you will actually get a seat in the library and be able to take the night off! It's a win-win! 
  • For exams, I always brought water, a stimulant (Berocca/Coke/Lucozade/Red Bull), a six-square bar of Dairy Milk and a roll of Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles in with me. They are the perfect mix of stimulants! Also, don't forget tissues and coloured pens!
  • Wear layers- it's not worth it being freezing/boiling over. No ballet flats- your feet will freeze!! Also, bring a hair tie.
  • Keep money/car keys in your pencil case, I heard of too many peoples' belongings being stolen outside the hall to risk it!
  • Most importantly arrive fifteen minutes early, find a quiet corner to study in, go to the toilet and straight in to your desk. :)

Best of luck, you'll do great!

Stay sweet! x

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