Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Harry Potter Party

I am a 90's child through and through- and the thing that proved this? Harry Potter. I was a fanatic. Obsessed. I waited in line for hours to get the newest release, (read the seventh book in SEVEN hours!), could recite quotations thereafter, annoyed my friends by calling out what would happen in the movie- at the premiere, I had all the merch, all the vids- because back in those days DVDs were an unknown object, I bawled at the deaths in the books- WHY JK, why?!?! 

In short, I was a Harry Potter child. :p

Lately with all the study to be done I've needed an escape so Harry has come to my rescue, I find the books really do help me get to sleep and exercise my eyes first thing in the morning before turning to journal articles!

So if you're looking to have a unique night in, tune into the show to find out how you can have a magical night!

Back soon, stay sweet! x

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