Saturday, December 14, 2013

Weekend Winter Warmers

Major apologies due for my hiatus! I started working in November so my spare time decreased significantly! Nevertheless, this being my 100th post I wanted to share with you something special!

Now that my favourite time of year is upon us, I'm here to bring you the best of Winter baking! This weekend I'll be sharing some apple and cinnamon recipes to ease you into the festive season. They're easy, yummy, and perfect for an evening in front of the fire, safe from the roaring winds outside!

From Monday onwards, I'll be posting some Christmas baking ideas- perfect for gifts, so you'll have them in time for December 25th! 

But first, here's my new Advent Calendar! My mum brought it back from a trip to Boston two weeks ago. The Lindt store there sold these felt wall-hanging calendars with bags for Pick'N'Mix! Each pocket holds a different flavour (if you wish!) So far I've had chocolate (red), white chocolate (gold), vanilla white chocolate (purple) and cocoa nibs white chocolate (light blue). A perfect gift for a chocoholic!

Here are the links to an indulgent Caramel Apple Cinnamon Cake, a hearty Apple Cinnamon Roll Pudding and of course the iconic Apple Cinnamon Roll!

Stay tuned and as always, stay sweet! x

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