Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Egg and Spoon

Cadbury's Crème Eggs. I can never get over how delicious they are!! I know they're a real love or hate sweet but really, how can anybody resist?? I always dreamt when I was younger about getting an Easter Egg filled with the Crème Egg inside. Thankfully Cadbury's never invented such a creation, and I have not yet delved into a sugar coma. 

Pimp That Snack is an epic website where people even more obsessive than me actually make these giant desserts!!! It's a dangerous website, but soooo worth a troll. Have a look at my favourite, the home-made giant Crème Egg.

Anyways, I've finally accepted the fact that this will probably not become a reality for me, so I turned to a new product... Cadbury's Egg and Spoon!

The chocolate isn't as thick as the Cadbury Crème Egg, but that isn't to say that they aren't as heavy! This was the white chocolate mousse version and wowzers were they filling!! But oh so tasty! I could eat them all day every day! Definitely store them at room temperature because the filling solidifies in the fridge (it'll soften after a few minutes, but who wants to wait that long??)

Creamy, comforting, chocolatey and cute these are fab! You tap off the top of the egg and then dive into the filling! Adorable! I really was pleasantly surprised by them and they'd be great for a girly night or a snack with someone special! 

Be warned they only come with two spoons- encouraging us to be fatties maybe! They also are quite pricey but a few stores are selling them at a special introductory price at the moment so if I were you, I'd scoop some up now while you can! :)

Stay sweet! x

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