Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank You!

Sometimes the best way to say 'Thank You!' is with a cake.

For this cake I followed the same basic recipe as found here. This time I used raspberry flavour jam. As the icing on the birthday cake was too milky, and never really set properly here I used a simple buttercream frosting, directions as follows.

  • One 350g of instant icing sugar
  • About 100g of butter
  • About 20-30ml hot water, depending on the consistency you wish
  • One teaspoon vanilla essence
Beat all together until satisfactory.

I used miniature chocolate chips to spell out the message, a much easier task than piping! Simple, yet effective!

I loved this cake, it almost hurt to give it away! But the recipients were delighted and that made the cake all the sweeter!

Bake a cake for somebody who you appreciate this weekend, it really will give you a dose of the warm and fuzzies!

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