Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pink Velvet All-In-One Sheet Cake

This cake is super easy to make! It doesn't take any fiddling with batter, or measurements, you just throw all of the ingredients in at once and beat! The one thing to watch out for is to cook the cake straight away, otherwise it won't rise... As seen in the future pics (the problems of a blogger!)

This sheet cake could be divided into two and iced in the middle as a sandwich- beware this will make a gigantic cake as it's measured to fit a large sheet tray, the dimensions of your oven! 

I cut the bake into small squares which are perfect for afternoon tea or a large gathering. 

Here's the recipe:

  • 12oz Flour (Sieved)
  • 12oz Sugar
  • 6oz  Margarine
  • 6     Eggs

-Beat together and bake in the oven at 175degrees Celcius, for approx. 25mins, or until a knife comes out clean.

I used red food colouring here- just a tint!- due to my love of pink! It's not totally necessary but does add a fun twist, especially if baking for a pot-luck kind of event where there will be lots of Madeira cakes this one will definitely stand out from the crowd! 

The cake is frosted using buttercream, as shown before, and decorated with sprinkles. 

....Feel free to use lemon/coffee/cocoa or any other additions to this basic recipe! 
The results will be delicious!