Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fun with Fondant

As you read here, I love sugarcraft! At the Cork Sugarcraft Fair I bought some bits and pieces and started making cakes every occasion that I could since. Here are the creations thus far. I definitely need to get more practice in- and patience! ;) I'll give a step-by-step soon as well as the ingredients used in each!

This was my first ever attempt at decorating with fondant. I loved the simplicity of it and the clean finish.

This was the second attempt. Loved the roses, and got inspiration for the balls from Ace of Cakes!

Making a cake to represent radio is no mean feat but I think I pulled it off pretty well! 

A more polished update on the original birthday cake from above!

Tomorrow morning I'm jetting off to Austria for the First Aid Convention in Europe competition, as part of the Irish First Aid Team. Hopefully I'll get to taste some yummy Austrian treats! 

Have a great weekend, hope you don't miss sUCCulent too much!!

Watch this space for more info on the cakes featured above, and as always...

Stay sweet! x

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